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web related work

Examples of my photography used on other websites display a wide range of subjects.



Photography In celebration of the 400th year anniversary of Germans immigrating to America 1608-2008.


lecture demonstrations

Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops. Conducting my own workshops in Germany, Ireland, Italy, in New York City and throughout the USA.


JAZZ Gallery

JAZZ Gallery | Dave Douglas At Jazz Standard, Jeff Siegel, Steve Swell, Gebhard Ullmann, Lou Donaldson, Donald Harrison, Freddie Redd, and Eric Reed. Check out the Jazz SLIDESHOW.


print of the month

Monthly changing presentation of a unique print which you can order via or check.


ernst haas (1921-1986)

"A picture can be an answer as well as a question but if you can't answer your question try to question your question. There are clever questions and stupid answers as well as stupid questions and clever answers. There can be questions without answers but no answers without questions. To be or not to be — that is the question. To see or not to see — that is an answer."

— Ernst Haas



Photography and video production using advanced technology, for corporation, museums.


books & fine art prints

Among its various projects, Pix4notes is publishing a collection of specialist theme books. These books, in 5 x 4 inch format, feature the works of contemporary photographers taken either from photo assignments that have been published by the press in their entirety or from their individual research projects.


iPod video

Download QuickTime video files for your iPod.

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Denny Brown |
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John Exposito | Sunjump records
Greenleaf Music Blog [Dave Douglas]
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Steve Swell
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Sharon Guynup · outinthewideworld
pix4notes []



Publishers | Institutions | Museums

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc.
Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule
Blind Spot Magazine
Central Reform Congregation of St. Louis, Missouri
here is new york: a democracy of photographs
International Institute for Peace Through Tourism Dialogue Among Descendants of Survivors, Perpetrators and Resisters
Russel Wright Manitoga ·
The Holocaust Memorial Center (HMC) in Farmington Hills, Michigan
The New York Public Library | Photography Collection
The Temporary Museum
Fotomuseum Winterthur | Switzerland
OSTKREUZ · Schule für Fotografie und Gestaltung | Berlin

Gary Sosnick | Detroit schvitz


Isabelle Jud ETSY

Todd Weinstein ETSY




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