Personal Journalism: A Decade of Color Photography

The essence of this work is collected in my book, Personal Journalism: A Decade of Color Photography, 1980-1990. In the introduction to the book, Ernst Haas wrote, "To capture, within a moment, the essence of [New York's] tragic comedy needs a heart, a soul, and a well-reacting trigger finger . . . The pictures of Todd Weinstein prove he possesses these."

In 1980, I established the Union Square Gallery as an artist-run exhibition space dedicated to presenting both emerging and known artists, in various media. The gallery presented scores of shows and served as a social and artistic nexus for an ever-growing community of photographers and artists. Although I raised money from community sponsors, the gallery was primarily funded through my own resources. In a celebration of the gallery's tenth and final year, Gregg Masters in a profile of the gallery, wrote, "The longevity of the gallery is a result of Todd Weinstein's devotion to championing work that is beautiful and tough, searching and personal."

Todd Weinstein Personal Journalism - A Decade of Color Photography 1980-1990 is published in a deluxe limited edition of 1250 books. The first 250 will be numbered, dated, and signed by the artist. Each of the first 250 books will be accompained by an original, signed 8 x 10 color print of "Woman Leaving Trump Tower."

Books 1-250, with original print: $ 350
Books 251-1,250: $ 50

Book number will be assigned consecutively as orders are received. If the limited edition should become fully subscribed, checks will be promptly returned.

Please make checks payable to: Todd Weinstein, 174 Fifth Avenue Suite 601, NYC, NY 10010, Telephone: 917.545.4747, email: or