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Examples of my photography used on other websites display a wide range of subjects.



Photography In celebration of the 400th year anniversary of Germans immigrating to America 1608-2008.


ernst haas (1921-1986)

"A picture can be an answer as well as a question but if you can't answer your question try to question your question. There are clever questions and stupid answers as well as stupid questions and clever answers. There can be questions without answers but no answers without questions. To be or not to be — that is the question. To see or not to see — that is an answer."

— Ernst Haas


JAZZ Gallery

JAZZ Gallery | Dave Douglas At Jazz Standard, Jeff Siegel, Steve Swell, Gebhard Ullmann, Lou Donaldson, Donald Harrison, Freddie Redd, and Eric Reed. Check out the Jazz SLIDESHOW.


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Monthly changing presentation of a unique print which you can order via or check.



Photography and video production using advanced technology, for corporation, museums.


books & fine art prints

Among its various projects, Pix4notes is publishing a collection of specialist theme books. These books, in 5 x 4 inch format, feature the works of contemporary photographers taken either from photo assignments that have been published by the press in their entirety or from their individual research projects.


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Download QuickTime video files for your iPod.


OnClick NYC : "Dreaming with Open Eyes" and "To Be Is To See"

The next NYC workshop will host the Ostkreuz School from Berlin, and will be conducted in 2014.

Essence of Street Photography at Missouri Botanical Garden the Shaw Nature Reserve St. Louis Missouri September 2013

The Berliner Technische Kunstschule and will be conducted March 2013

The idea for my workshops is the direct inspiration of the photographer Ernst Haas, who was my mentor, long-time teacher and friend. I have worked on Haas' projects and assisted him in teaching from 1973 until his death in 1986, as well as conducting my own workshops in Germany, Ireland, Italy, in New York City and throughout the USA.

Workshop overview:

Participants will spend one week in New York City visiting galleries, art schools, design studios, museums, editorial departments, artist studios and commercial photography studios.

The goal is to expose students to a wide range of creative talents working in diverse styles, thus helping them to acquire different ways of seeing. The exposure to diverse influences is one of the prerequisites in developing one's own style. The more we learn about the world we are living in, the more we can create a personal vision to empower the development of one's own body of work.

Each workshop will also include sessions where works of course participants will be reviewed, giving the individual an inspirational critique.

"Style has no formula, but it has a secret key. It is the extension of your personality."

— E.H.

Todd Weinstein

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> Workshop with Ostkreuz Schule (Berlin) students, New York City > GALLERY: I have been hosting and teaching a group of students from the Ostkreuz Schule based in Berlin, Germany to explore New York City, meeting photographers, artists studios, museums, magazines, and galleries throughout the city. I also assign a project theme for the students during there New York City visit.

I organized a class trip workshop to Italy. We are in the planning stages for doing workshop trips to other counties as well as continuing the annual New York workshop.

Ben-Zion house · Magnum · Marc Asnin · Mel Adelglass · Peter Norrman · Steve Zehentner · Andres Serrano · Aaron Anderson · Duane Micheals · Edwynn Houk Gallery · Howard Greenberg Gallery · International Center of Photography · Jay Maisel · Jim Salzano · Ken Horowitz · Stephanie Berger · Thomas Hoepker

OSTKREUZ · Schule für Fotografie und Gestaltung | Berlin


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